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Upton Sinclair

Sinclair was born in a poor family in Baltimore, Maryland. Despite his mother and father’s poverty, his grandparents had a lot of money. Because Sinclair lived in both rich and poor environments, he knew well on the inequality in the rich and the poor in the nineteenth century of America. Sinclair moved to New York when he was ten years old and married Meta Fuller later on. He had already started writing for a living before he met his wife and still wrote novels and published them. While living this ordinary life, a publisher asked him if he would write a book about factory workers getting treated like slaves. When Sinclair heard this suggestion, he agreed right away. Sinclair disguised as a worker and spent 7 weeks in the slaughterhouses. While working as a worker, he saw cattle and hogs becoming steaks and sausages and he also observed employees getting their fingers cut off or their fingers disappearing by acid. He was also able to observe the unsanitary working conditions. Sick animals were made into food, sausages were made out of old, rotten meat with dirty substances mixed in with them and poisoned rats were mixed in with the meat. When his book, The Jungle, got published, it became the biggest best-seller in America. However, people who read Sinclair’s book were angry about their unclean food not the worker’s working conditions. Sinclair was sad that he was not able to achieve his goal but President Roosevelt passed out laws setting health standards for meatpacking and ordered federal inspections for the meat. (Meat Inspection Act)


Upton Sinclair was the one leading the "Muckraking." The muckrakers usually wrote about the "evils of America." Moreover, The Jungle Sinclair wrote helped the people in America to learn how dirty and bad it was in the meat-packing industries and also helped pass the Meat Inspection Act. - This set health standards for meatpacking and ordered inspection of the meat. After this achievement, some muckrakers wrote about some similar problems in the food-canning and drug industries. Due to this, congress passed another law called the Pure Food and Drug Act which stated that manufacturers have to use safe ingredients in their products and also have to advertise them truthfully.


“I aimed at the public's heart, and by accident I hit it in the stomach.”“They use everything about the hog except the squeal.”

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Upton SinclairAn American writer and reformer who supported socialism1878-1968


Slaughterhouse that is similar to where Sinclair worked


The Jungle was published in 17 different languages and was the best-seller all over the world.Sinclair published more than 90 books during his life time.Sinclair was able to attend the College of the City of New York at the age of 14.

Sinclair with his wife, Meta Fuller


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