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Jane Wellington


PHYSICALAND CHARACTER TRAITSYetta was a determined, rebellious, and often stubborn young woman, who traveled from Russia. She shows great commitment towards supporting her beliefs, and is willing to endure whatever punishment is inflicted upon her for doing so.

SIGNIFICANT EVENT ~THREE~BECOMING THE BLANCKS' GOVERNESSA third significant event in Jane's life was serving as governess for Harriet and Millicent Blanck. The Blanck's are a wealthy family, with Harriet and Millicent's being one of the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory's owners. This is the first job Jane ever had to support herself, making her life feel less worthless and more independent. She also meets Harriet Blanck for the firts time, who is an important chracacter for Bella many years later as she comes to her home and asks what happend during the fire, beginning the entire story for Uprising in the first place.

SIGNIFICANT EVENT~TWO~BRINGING BELLA HOMEAnother significant event Jane was invloved in was choosing to bring Bella to her home, to ease the severe grief she experienced upon learning that he family has died. This was major experience in Jane's life because it was first time she made a decision on her own and took action to make that a reality. Being a girl of society, Jane was never allowed to truly do anything independantly, other than observe the actions of others. It wasn't until she cared for Bella in her home that she took action to make a change for someone in her community, and positively affect their life.

SIGNIFICANT EVENT~ONE~WITH ELEANOR KENSINGTONOne significant event Jane was involved in was attending educational talks and discussions with Eleanor Kensington, who is the cousin of one of Jane's friends. At these meetings, Jane learns much about the concept of women's rights, and that females are not the "lesser" gender. She discovers the unfairness of men having freedoms and liberties granted to them, only because they are males, and is provoked to later supot women's rights and stand up for her own beliefs, even if they may go against what men in society believe.

THEME:FRIENDSHIPBella, Yetta, and Jane developed a very strong friendship that helped each other handle with and move on in painful, confusing, or frightening situations. They created a bond, caring for and providing one another strength, hope, and guidance when they may have given up on their hopes and even lives. After being seperated from their families, each girl helped one another make up that emptiness. The author wants to show the reader that in complex, depressing, lonely times, friendship can give positivity and meaning to one's life, even if that pain feels like it could never be alieviated.

Bella Rosetti

"It's worth it to work so hard, be so hungry and tired and cold. Everything's worth it as long as my family has food," pg. 57This quote is significant for Bella because it describes her family-oriented attitude, and shows the dedication and care she has for her family. Bella's willingness to suffer for her family's survival shows the strength of her love, and how important her familiy is to her.

Bella's Symbol:THE ROSEIn the novel, Bella purchases a rose for Yetta and Jane during winter, because they felt so gloomy and hopeless, and wanted a change to occur in their lives immeadiately. The rose symbolizes the care and positivity Bella expressed, in the midst of sadness and pain. She served as the source of brightness, just as the flower above, while surroundes by such dark feelings and emptiness. Additionally, this symbolize's Bella's development in strength; when she arrived in America, she described to be weak or fragile, like the delicate petals of a rose. Later, she grew less vulnerable and no longer in need of potection. Just as the thorns of a rose are so strong they guard the petal, Bella tough enough to create her own "thorns" and win the battle of survival.

SIGNIFICANT EVENT~ONE~UNDER ARRESTOne significant event Yetta was involved in was getting arrested, immeadiately after being phyiscally assaulted by prostitudes hired by factory bosses. From this experience, Yetta realized how cruel her bosses could be, cold enough to assign women to not only harass strikers, but to express that there is no difference between bad women and girls like Yetta. They are equally as low and indecent, so having female prostiudes beat Yetta, instead of men, shows the public that Yetta must be as terrible as the other women, as she is the same gender.Also, after she spent a short amount of time in jail, she had the choice to spend union money for tranportation back home, as it would be painful to travel on foot with the injuries sustained from the prostitudes and police. Instead, Yetta decided she'd walk by herslf, despite the suffering she'd go through; here, Yetta's concern for her cause is shown, as she believes the union money should be used for the strike, not to ease her pain, and her determination to be strong.

The Suffrage Parade of 1913:*A Connection To Uprising*On March 3rd in Washington, D.C. roughly 100 years ago, a major suffrage parade took place, run by Alice Paul. Thousands of spectators watched, the majority males who arrived for the inauguration of president Woodrow Wilson. Because many of the 8,000 participants were greatly injured, this caught the attention of newspapers and the parade, as well the women's suffrage, were focused on by the government.This event can connect to Uprising because it displays another time when many women joined forces to fight for their rights. Just as Bella, Yetta, Jane, and numerous other females striked against the poor, unacceptable working conditions they endured at the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory, the women to rebelled in the Suffrage Parade of 1913 fought against not having the freedom to vote.

PHYISCAL AND CHARACTER TRAITSJane was an openminded, defiant young American woman, with pale skin, green eyes, and long, dark hair. She often felt trapped by the restraits set for wealthy females by society, and chose to stand up for herself and do something with her life, other than simply watching others take action.

"Seeing, watching--what if her whole life passed by and she never did anything?" pg. 94This quote is significant for Jane because she shows how pointless and meaningless her life has been due to society restricting her from taking independent action. Instead of actually making a change in the world around her, she realizes she's always helplessly observed others take action, even if she had a desire to do so herself. Jane dsicovers that the rest ofher life wil be this way, unless she finally does something society hasn't forced her do, or banned her from doing.

SIGNIFICANT EVENT~TWO~RAHEL GETS MARRIEDAnother significant event Yetta experienences is her elder sister, Rahel, getting married. This is something that shocks Yetta greatly. As her own top priority is working for the strike and fighting for fellow women, Yetta was surprised that Rahel would choose to simply live with a man and become his shadow as a wife. She took Rahel's action as a sense of accepting defeat; to Yetta, her sister gave into the idea that women should just marry somebody, have kids, and work in the home, while the husband is independent and has the power to take action in areas such as politics, economics, and business. Therefore, she decides Rahel is no longer a real part of her life and doesn't accept her love anymore, which she later regrets only a few moments before she falls to her death.

SIGNIFICANT EVENT~TWO~DEATHA third significant event in Yetta's life are the few regretful moments she has in her mind before she falls to her death, alongside Jacob, who had been in interested in building a relationship with Yetta for some time. During this moments, Yetta expresses the sadness she feels for never allowing herself to experience romance and true love, as she sees how much comfort and happiness she may have felt if she was with someone who cared for her as well. She also realzies she should have treated Rahel with greater kindness and positivity at the news of her marriage and children, because Rahel's actions weren't of giving up on the strike, but instead making the best of the circumstances she was in. Yetta finally discovers that what she dedicated her life to shouldn't have come before finding personal love and peace, because ultimately she achived neither of those in the struggle to achieve more than she possibly could.

SIGNIFICANT EVENT~ONE~CHEATED FOR HER PAYOne significant event Bella experiences was being cheated for her pay at work for the first time. After being promoted to work on sewing machines as the shirtwaist factory, which provided a higher wage than snipping threads as Bella was originally set to do, her boss, Signor Carlotti, pays her less money than he said she'd be paid, giving a few irrelevent excuses as to why. This experience was important for Bella because it was the first time she found out the life in America as an immigrant female factory worker required intelligence and not being so trusting to everyone around you, as they may not want the best for you. This warns Bella of how she could be taken advantage of in the future, and introduces her to the complexity of her new life.

SIGNIFICANTEVENT~TWO~LOSES PIETROAnother significant event that Bella was involved in was losing Pietro, as he was needed for a job in South Carolina, without that chance to even tell her he was leaving. Without Pietro, Bella had to support herself and her family entirely on her own, and deal with people who intimidate or harass her, such as her landlord Signora Luciano or her boss Signor Carlitti, with no assistance. Living without Pietro made Bella realized wasn't weak or incapable of surviving alone, and she didn't need a male to guide her through every step in the process of adapting to a new social environment.

SIGNIFICANTEVENT ~THREE~FAMILY IS DEADA third significant event that affected Bella's life was when she discovered the the family struggled all the way to America to support was long dead in Calia, due to an unspecified sickness. This was a major event that altered Bella's life greatly; before it was confirmed they were dead, nearly all of Bella's effort, strength, and ability was set towards her work, so she could earn money to send away to her family, so they'd survive. When the people she suffered so much for loved deeply are gone, Bella acknowledgesthat they were the only reason she had to live. Without them, Bella was absolutely alone, and felt like her life was no longer worth living if she had nobody she cared about to support. This scene displayed Bella's family-oriented nature, and how close her relationship is between her loved ones.

PHYSICALAND CHARACTER TRAITSBella is a trusting, dependant young Italian woman, who is dedicated to ensuring the well-being of her family. For the majority of the beginning of the novel, she held onto the belief that her family was the only thing left in the world to live and work for.

"God made me, too...And He made me to fight," pg 90.This quote is significant for Yetta because it expresses her belief that she is someone of worth who was meant to take action and fight against whoever takes advantage of and challenges her. She is not weak, or of less significance than men; God created women and men, and she was made to rebel..

I believe Uprising is an engaging, touching novel, mainly because of the distinct personalities and detailed development of each main character, and the emotions each character expressed throughout the story. Bella, Yetta, and Jane are different in many ways. Bella is described as a dependent, trustworthy, and often helpless immigrant girl who relied on her elder cousin, Pietro, for guidance on how to survive in America. She is completely committed to her family, willing to take on any amount of pain to support them. After she loses Pietro, as he must work in a different state, Bella is alone and learns that she must teach herself how to live in her new environment. I admire the independence and strength she developed, especially after she found out that her entire family and Yetta and Jane passed away. After grief, sorrow, and loneliness, she moved on and decided she was strong enough to live with sadness in her heart. I found Yetta's character development to be particularly interesting, because she was always a headstrong, rebellious, tough girl who would do anything to support her cause. It was not until a few moments before her death that she expressed true regret for not giving into love and comfort while she had the chance, when she instead chose to fight ceaselessly for the strike and to save others in the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory fire. I also respected Jane's mindset and personality; she was a shy, obedient young woman who followed the rules of society, but was never truly interested in becoming a proper lady. She was not a stereotypical “society woman”, who looked down upon the poor or foreign as disgusting, worthless, or indecent. Jane eventually developed enough courage to defy what society set her to be, and she became a unique individual who showed that her own beliefs were of more importance to her than becoming the usual wealthy female. I was also touched by the feelings of desperation, hope, sorrow, regret, , joy, power, and unity Bella, Yetta and Jane shared. They made each character feel as though they were real people who I've interacted with in my life.

Here are three girls like Bella, Yetta, and Jane, who are holding onto one another and are facing towards brightness and light, which creates a sense of happiness.


Jane's Symbol:THE RINGThis is an image after Jane's death. With Jane's hand in the midst of scraps of fabric and other arms in a pile of dead, burnt bodies, her gold ring stands out. The ring symbolizes her individuality compared to other wealthy girls; by displaying such and expensive piece of jewelry surrounded by poor or immigrant girls, it shows the Jane chose to be with these girls and is not disgusted by them or view them as lower class. She stuck with them, and died with them, unlike the vast majority of wealthy girls who wouldn't want to be seen with those who are not considered high class.

Yetta's Symbol:FACING PAINYetta was always so dedicated to her cause, she could endure any amount of suffering, injuries, or pain happily, so long as she could work for the strike; this image symbolizes her strength and commitment to what she desires, no matter what she goes through.


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