[2013] Ashley Hanley: Uprising

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[2013] Ashley Hanley: Uprising

Significant Events- 1.) Helped with the stirke.2.) Left house to go live with Yetta and Bella after she had an arguement with her father and found out that her had once hired strike breakers.3.) Burned in the shirtwaist fire, but died knowing she had a good life.

Significant Events- 1.) She striked 2.) After she was already at the Triangle shirtwaist Factory and it was burning she went back to warn others about the fire and saved many lifes. 3.) She jumped of the ledge of the burning building with Jacob.

Significant Events- 1.) Her family died and she was kept from this by the Lucianos.2.) She moved in with Yetta and began to strike with her.3.) She named her children after Yetta and Jane.


Bella ~

Jane ~

Yetta ~

Theme ~ Stand up for what you believe inExplanation~ Throughout the whole book Bella, Yetta and Jane stood up for what they believed in. They made sure everyone else knew exactly what they wanted and why.

Selfless~Rebellious ~Dauntless


Brave~ Determined~ Courageous

"So we will not be stupid girls," Bella said. "And we will not be useless girls," Jane added. "And we will not be powerless girls," Yetta finished.

Explanation on Symbol~ Bella bought a rose for 5 cents that helped give Yetta, Jane and herself joy and hopr for the winter, even though it diedd the next day. Bella, just like the rose helps give Yetta and Jane hope.

Explanation of Symbol- Yetta fights for what she believes in no matter what other people say or do to her. For example, during the strike no matter how many times she was beat up she continued to protest.

Explanation of Symbol- Jane gave up alot of her riches and luxuries because she disapproved of the way her father had gotten the money to pay for them (he hired strike breakers). This took alot of courage.

Everyone deserves ...

Banagadesh mourns the death of over 100 workers killed in a factory fire. This factory made clothing as did the Triangle workers, often women would spend long hours dyeing, cutting and stitching for a minimum wage of 43$ a month. The Triangle workers were just like these girls getting piad such a low wage in bad working conditions for hours dailly., they had almost identical jobs. Unlike with the Triangle Fire they are unsure of how the fire occured but when it did there was only one emergency exit and sadly not all of the girls made it out. This fire occured in 2012, thats around 100 yearss since the Triangle Fire and still few improvments have been made!

Another Event Similar to the Triangle Factory Fire-

Refelection- Overall I think "Uprising" was a good book that taught me a few good life lessons, such as to see the beauty in little things and to stand up for what you believe in. While teaching me these things it also taught me about the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Fire.


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