Updates to Glogster - Summer, 2014

by nfsteacher
Last updated 6 years ago

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Updates to Glogster - Summer, 2014

Updates to Glogster

Glogster has finally released an app. Learn more about it on the Glogster Edu blog!

better for primary learners!

new clip art & wall designs!

Teachers and students can log in to Glogster Edu using their Google accounts.

Glogpedia is a collection of over 7,000 amazing glogs created by students and teachers. There are glogs about almost everything! Glogpedia is a terrific resource not just for information, but also for design inspiration.

Teachers can save their glogs as “Public for Re-Glog," enabling the glog to be considred for the Glogpedia. Teachers can also search the Glogpedia and re-glog other glogs, editing them as needed!

search by subject area!

Teachers can create a project to easily link students' work, streamlining sharing and assessment. Teachers must assign a template, which can be blank, a sample project, or the project directions. Click here for a glog with all the steps to do this!

This glog created by Kristen Sanchez, Director of Curriculum & Integrated Technology at Newtown Friends School. ~ Summer, 2014



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