Up and Tell the Truth - Episode 8

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Up and Tell the Truth - Episode 8

Mark Twain's purpose in Episode 8 is to show the reader the consequences of being a liar and a thief. In the end, the duke and the king got nothing. Twain also shows the good outcomes of being honest. Everything worked out for Mary Jane and her sisters because of Huck. Twain leaves the identity of the brothers who came after the duke and king a mystery to show that you never truly know who people are. You never figure out if the new brothers are the real brothers or another couple of frauds trying to get the 6,000 dollars. Twain does not mention Jim a lot in this episode, only at the beginning when they dressed him up as a sick Arab so people wouldn't capture him as a runaway slave and at the end when Huck escaped. Jim represents safety for Huck, which would be ironic to the reader because Jim is black.

Huck matured a lot in this episode, but at the same time was badly influenced by the duke and king to do immature things. Huck was mature for telling the truth when nobody else did; he knew what they were doing was wrong and decided to do something about it. Huck does the wrong things for the wrong people, like helping the duke and king lie when they first got to the town and in court; but he also does the right things for the right people, like telling Mary Jane the truth because he knew they would be left with nothing after the king and duke were through with them. Huck was not mature because let king take blame for stealing money just so he would not get in trouble.

Miss Mary Jane:The oldest of the three daughters of the late Peter Wilks, Huck likes hervery much and he tells her the truth that the duke and king are frauds and stealing all her moneySusan and Joann a.k.a. Harelip- The other daughters of Peter Wilks, they get Huck caught up in his many lies when they question him about EnglandDoctor Robinson: The doctor was and old friend of Peter Wilks and never trusted the frauds to begin with. He stuck up for what he knew was right even though everyone was against him. This showed hom unloyal the town was, that they trusted two strangers more than a man who had lived their his whole lifeThe "Real" Brothers: Two "brothers", apparently the real brothers of Peter wilks showed up after the frauds and they all went to court, which ended in digging up Peter Wilks body, finding the 6,000 dollars in his coffin, and the duke and king getting away, never revealing the true identity of the "real brothers"

The setting of Episode 8 is the Wilks House in a town in Arkansas.

Episode 8 (Ch. 24-30)"Up and Tell the Truth"

1) Is it better to take what you can get or risk it all for a chance of getting more?2) Why is it so hard to tell the truth sometimes?


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