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by Neal Shusterman

“I'd rather be partly great than entirely useless.” (p.26)- Samson Ward

“In a perfect world everything would be either black or white, right or wrong, and everyone would know the difference. But this isn't a perfect world. The problem is people who think it is.” (p.75)

4/5 stars

The reason I liked Unwind was because all the main characters had an ending that, in my opinion, suited them well. Another reason I liked Unwind was because they had changed the law and made it less harsh for the children.

CharactersConner Lassiter(Protagonist): He is brave and impulsive. The reason he was sent to be unwound was because he had gotten in trouble many times at school and his parents could not control him.Risa Ward(Protagonist): She was a ward of the state and was thought to have reached her full potentially. Because they need new wards, StaHo cuts 5% of the teens. Lisa is creative and wise.Lev Jedediah Calder(Protagonist): He was born as a tithe, one who is born to be unwound. At first, he was brainwashed and wanted to be a tithe, but later on, he grew to be brave and more caring.Roland(Antagonist): He had been like his father, which his mother did not like, so he was sent to be unwound. Roland is strong and likes to be in power.

SettingUnwind takes place in three states: Ohio, Missouri, and Arizona. Conner, Risa, and Lev meet in a traffic jam in Ohio and stay in a forest there. Conner and Risa are betrayed by Lev as they go to Missouri. They all meet up at they graveyard, in Arizona, which lead them to Happy Jack Harvest Camp, also in Arizona. Unwinding takes place after a second civil war happens in America.

The stork represents how in this society it is okay for people to give away or take away a childs life. Conner tells how ababy was once left at his door step. His family decided to give it to there neighbor. There neighbor had done the same. By the end of the week the same baby was athis front door again, but it had looked sick. The law is that if someone is caught storking, they must keep the baby. If they are not caught, the ones being Storked has to keep the baby.

Religion was a pretty big part in the book. Lev, for example, was a tithe. It was all he knew about for the first thirteen years of his life. Lev had wanted to become tithed, as part of is belief. He even tried to turn himself in, until his pastor had told him not to. That was when he started questioning his religion.

ThemeA theme for Unwind is power. Their state has made all these laws regarding Unwinding and Storking. One law does not allow the parents to get their child back, after flling out an Unwinding form. Another form of power is how the parents of a tithe decide that their child will be unwound before they are born and without the child knowing it.

ConflictConner, Risa, and Lev have all been ordered to become unwound. They have to run away and hide until they turn 18.

ResolutionConner, Risa, and Lev all end up at Happy Jack Harvest Camp. They are seperated. A clapper, Lev is a friend of, blows up the chop shop of the Harvest Camp. Many other unwinds had thought that it was Conner, also known as the infamous Akron AWOL, who had blown it up. It had been inspiring, so they all began to rebel. Lev ends up saving Conner and Risa. Risa decides not to get surgery. Conner end up getting a new arm, which had belonged to Roland. Lev had inspired Sci-Fy, and he had persuaded the Congress to change the age of getting out of unwinding to 17. Lev soon appeared on many magazines, because of his great acts.


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