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In this video: This video is a representation of the "unwinding" process that is used in the book. Basically, in the video, it shows this girl in and unwinding facility that is at a harvest camp.


Author: Neal Shusterman

This is a picture of 6 youths who are being "unwound". However, the 3 on the left are AWOL's which mean they have escaped being captured by officers to go to the harvest camp to be unwound. They are also the main characters in this book

What does "unwind" or being "unwound mean?Unwind is the process of where youths (13-18 years old) get sent to harvest camps where their body parts get harvested for later use. In other words, the body parts get stored and then are given to other youths that need the body parts. Also, this means that "life doesn't technically end"

Here is a video to give you a feeling of what the characters faced in the book.

By: Napoleon Penalber 6th periodMcElhany



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