Unusual Abilities of Animals

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Unusual Abilities of Animals

"Scream" her so shrill that is able to stun ... the mouse itself. So before you "shout", publishes a mouse squeak, forcing her hearing aid dramatically tense. In this state, animal ears can perceive sound. Other mouse hear the sounds of each other, instead of directly reflected from objects such as the walls of the cave.

Unusual abilities of animals

Name: Maria Udler

It is the blood of the insect, but the color is not red, as we used to, and white. And here at the Blue Lobster blood at all, so it's almost a prince.


About the flying fish have heard everything. And about flying squid? Pacific squid has the amazing ability to fly. Score as much water in the mouth, with a force he 'spits' it - so the squid comes out of the water and begins to hover above the water surface. It rises to a height of about 20 meters, while in flight covers the distance of 45 meters. Fins on the flight are the wings, and because they are located at the back of the body, the squid have to fly forward backwards.

Flying squid

Bombardier beetle defensively "shoots" enemies of boiling liquid.

FUN !!! crow crows


Tarantula - if you drop it, it is "to break."

The mouse is able to pass through a hole with a diameter of a conventional ballpoint pen.


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