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Simon is a 15 year old kid that is a geek at computer games and his life is all about his computer and there was an add that pops up on his screen and he goes to the add and he gets this game and it shows up the next day and it shows him his whole town   And he damages stuff in the town but it turns out that it was all real and he starts to scare people.

Don't spend your life on video games

He's been bullied by alought of kids in upper grades at school and he got tired of it so he's gonna do something about it, he got home and he went straight to his computer and started playing and he saw the group of kids that kept on bullying him and it asked him if he wanted to cause destruction and said yes and he went towards the group of kids and started to beat them up and he saw that they were scared and were begging for mersy so he let them go and the next day they were all bragging about how they got in a fight with a big biker dude and he gave up and left but Simon said that they were lying and they said what did you say you little nerd and he looked at them and laughed and said y'all are lying and he walked off with a smirk

Don't try to kill someone cause they are being a bully go to an adult

Troy obar 5th period 12/15/14

Arthur of book: Damien Graves



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