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Taiga is very cold, it is also known as the Boreal Forest.Taiga has almost the same average temperature as the Tundra, except it rains more in the Taiga Biome.

Taiga animals include; black bears, grizzly bears, gray wolves, bald eagles, bobcats, long-eared owl, red fox, river otters, snowshoe hares, and wolverines.

Taiga is dominated with coniferous trees, and a few deciduous broadleaf trees, some are; black spruce, Eastern red cedars, Jack pines, paper birch, Douglas firs, white firs, and white poplars. Poplars, other known as Populus, are in a genus of 23-25 species of deciduous flowering plants native to the Northern Hemisphere.

Taiga is in Asia, Europe, and Canada, it is the largest biome in the world.

Taiga is near the top of the world, it is just below the Tundra biome.

In Taiga there is only 2 main seasons, Winter and Summer. It is either hot and humid in Taiga, or very cold.



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