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Citizen Science

Bat Detective

The diffenition of citizen science is: research that often involves teams of scientists across the continents to help the economy.

Goal: help scientists classify bat calls. This website allows people from all around the world to take part in wildlife conservation by listening to the bat calls.

Goal: Help scientists better understand urban squirrel biology. This website allows you to count the number of squirrels in your neiborhood and then report it back to scientists.

Project Squirrel

A project that the school could use

We could help trees grow. We would see how many trees are in our neiborhood and we could keep track of the trees that are growing each year.

Things that are good that come from citizen science

The good things that come out of citizen science are that we could help the environment, help schools, and help scientists. It could benefit our school by helping pick up trash, help old people, and also help us to get a hands on activity.



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