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Justinian for President


Hagia Sophia



Hagia Sophia church was the crowning glory of Justinian's reign. Church buildings are Justinian's passion, he view them as a sign of the connection between church's and state. Christianity split into 2, Roman Catholic and Eastern Orthodox.

Years ruled 527-565


Hagia Sophia

Justinian extended women rights. He changed the law to marry Theodora. Women can own property and had more rights. The Justinian code lasses for 900 years. He preserved the roman law and culture.Justinian code1. The Code had nearly 5,000 roman laws.2. The Digest summarized opinions of legal thinkers.3. The Institute was a textbook for law students.4. The Novellae(new laws) presents laws passed after 534


Social structure

Products from around the world were sold in markets. The rebuilt of Hagia Sophia and the Roman Empire improved.

Justinian code regualated marriage, slavery, property, inheritance, women's rights and criminal justice. The justinian plague killed nearly 10,000 people everyday. It killed many people.

The Justinian code regulated marriage, slavery, property, inheritance, women's rights, and criminal justice. The Justinian's plague killed 10,000 people each day. It killed a lot of people.


Justinian's army won nearly all of Italy and parts of Spain. Belisarius recovered North Africa from the barbarians.

Justinian constructed a wall 14 mile long along the coast. He built baths, aqueducts, law courts, schools, and hospitals. He preserved roman culture. students study grammar, philosophy, literature, geometry, history, and medicine. Byzantines developed the Cyrillic alphabet.






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