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I took this picture while I was attending Oxford University in England. My entire family has attended this prestigious school, and I am proud to have carried on the tradition (page 52).

This ribboned badge represents my time in Montenegro during World War I. It reads "Major Jay Gatsby for Valour Extraordinary." I am very proud of how I performed as a military man (page 52).

I saw this yacht when I was at Lake Superior. It was owned by Dan Cody, a fifty-year-old miner from the Yukon. "The yacht represented all the beauty and glamour in the world" (page 77).

After I left Daisy and did well in the war, "there was a quality of despair in Daisy's letters" (p. 116). The girl that I was so in love with was moving on to other things, and I felt lost and forgotten.

With all the money I inherited, I bought a mansion in West Egg across the water from Daisy. I hosted extravagant parties in the hopes of her someday hearing about my wealth and accomplishments. On summer nights, "men and women came and went like moths among the whisperings and the champagne and the stars" (p. 32).



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