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Commander of the Lake Erie naval force. Captured Lake Erie, which was a major turn point for the war

The U.S. sent 286,730 troops into the war

The U.S. passed laws that closed their ports to British ships

The War of 1812

VIP'sJames Madison

Current president during the of 1812. Madison made many important desicions during the war

Oliver Hazard Perry

War was declared on June 18, 1812

Over 2,260 American soldiers died in the war

Causes of the War

Some causes of the war were the British trying to restrict trade, Navalmen capturing American merchant ships, and America wanting to expand West

Effects of the War

The British blockaded American ports

America proves it can defend itself against the worlds strongest military power. Native Americans were weakened after Tehcumsah was killed. After the victory American patriotism grew.



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