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Extractions of metals

What did I do?

We set out the equipment shown in the image to the right➡️We added X1 spatularnof copper oxide into a crucible. Then add x2 spatulas of powdered charcoal. Then, add a half a spatular of of powdered charcoal over the surface of the mixture. We heated this for 10mins. Half fill a beaker with water. Using tongs, carefully tip the contents of the crumble into the water. Swirl the mixture until the copper falls to the bottom. Keep adding water so so heavy material is left at the bottom of the beaker. Finally, poor all the water apart from the residue left at the bottom and poor into a Petri dish.


Copper oxide + carbon ➡️ copper + carbon dioxide

Hazard risks

Make sure you wear goggles!Make sure you wear a lab coat!Don't sit down on your chair!These are all safely hazards and we need to do these to keep us safe.

In the experiment Amelia Todd and I did we found out many things; although ours did not work very well we still had a look at other peoples finished work and relised what it should have looked like! We both did the exp. right but not enough copper oxide was produced for us to see the results.

What did you find out?



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