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Royal Kingdom

One Holy KingdomWorld Power- EguptSecular History- No EventsTime period- 1050 B.C.- 930 B.C.Narrative Books- 1 Samuel, 2 Samuel and 1 Kings 1-11

37) David and GoliathGoliath, a Phillistine, tells the Israelite army to pick one man to fight him. Whatever side wins gets to make the other side their slaves. David says he is going to fight Goliath. David selects 5 stones and a slingshot. He shoots a stone at David and hits him in the head. Goliath falls down. David takes Goliath's sword and stabs Goliath with it. This is an underdog story. David is much weaker than Goliath but with the help of God, he overcomes Goliath.

38) David Moves Ark to JerusalemUzzah and Ahio are taking the cart that has the Ark in it to Jerusalem. Uzzah touches the Ark and God kills him right there on the spot. David is angry and he becomes frightened of God. David was now unwilling to take the Ark into the city of David so he leaves it at Obed- edom's, the Gittites, house. When David hears that Obed-edom's house has been blessed, he was ready to bring the Ark to the city of David. David was seen by Michal jumping and dancing in the city of David with the Ark.

39) Covenant with DavidGod and David make a covenant. God will make David a dynasty that will last forever and his line will bring forth the Messiah. The covenant is unlimited which means it will never end. When the son of David is anointed, he is adopted as God's own son. Jerusalem becomes the spiritual center of the world and Zion becomes the holy mountain of God. The Temple is the architectural sign of the Davidic covenant. Wisdom is the new law of the Davidic covenant.

40) The First Temple is BuiltThe first temple was built in 961 B.C. It was made by Solomon. It was made with the Cedars of Lebanon. It had a dark-red color, a sweet smell and it was durable. This was the finest wood in all of the Middle East. The temple is one place of worship and the dwelling place of YHWH for all of Israel and Judah. The temple is modeled on the Holy of Holies.



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