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Desert Wanderings

World Power- EgyptSecular History- No eventsTime Period- 1280- 1240 B.C.Narrative Book- Numbers, Supplemental Book- Deuteronomy

25) 12 Spies Sent to CanaanGod tells Moses to send 12 spies to reconnoiter Canaan. They return 40 days later. They say that the land is quality land. 10 spies say that the people living there are too strong for them but Joshua and Caleb believe in the Israelites. They are the only two men that believe in God to go through with his promise.

26) Moses Strikes the Rock TwiceGod tells Moses to command the rock at Meribah to flow with water. Instead, he strikes it twice. Water does flow but this isn't what God told him to do. God is very unhappy at this. Because of this sin, Moses can't enter the Promised Land. The rock at Meribah is thought to be a type of Christ as the Eucharist.

27) The Bronze SerpentBecause the Israelites complain, God sends serpents to bite the Israelites. Some Israelites died and the others asked Moses for help. God tells Moses to build a seraph and mount it on a pole so that anyone who had been bitten by a snake will look at it and recover. The Bronze Serpent is now used as a symbol of medicine and healing.

28) Covenant at MoabThis covenant is made between Moses and God after their 40 years in the wilderness. The Isrealites are about to enter the Promised Land.

29) The First CommandmentThe First Commandment is known as the Great Commandment. The First Commandment is "I am the Lord your God; you shall not have strange gods before me." This means that there is one God and that is YHWH. Mezuzas are small containers that have the great commandment and it's placed on the doorpost every time you enter the house. Phylacteries are woven bands that are placed around the head or arm that contains the scroll of the great commandment. The Israelites fail to believe in the First Commandment and fail to practice it in their hearts.



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