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In 1606 a company of London investors received from King James a charter to found a colony in North America. In late 1606 the company’s three ships and more than 100 settlers pushed out of an English harbor in search of the colony. About four months later in 1607 they reached the coast of Virginia. The colonists claimed the land was theirs, so they named the settlement Jamestown in honor of their king (King James).

When they settled finally in JamesTown it was very disgreatful. They were most interested in finding gold than in planting crops. During the first few years seven out of every ten people died of hunger, disease, or battles with the Native Americans. Despite their horrible start the colonists eventually gained a trust and noledge with their new land. Jamestown became the England’s first permanent settlement in North America. Then the colony had a great outcome with the improvment of farmers which discovered tobacco. Later there was a High demand in England for tobacco which turned into a profitable cash crop for th English settlers.



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