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ELLIEHopelessThere was no reasonTo have hopeBarely foodBarely humanThey called us namesHopelessOnce beautifulTallBlonde SomeoneHopeless Got beat upBarely any familySad but somehow I survived

I Have Lived a Thousand YearsBy:Olivia bitton Jackson

"We were ordered to deliver our belongings-jewelry ,radios,and vehicles along with our dignity." This quote comes from "The tale of the Yellow Bicycle " , this quote meant that she basically was going to start becoming different for the Jews and she didn't understand . The theme of this quote was you give up things that will help you in the long run. (Jillian Johnson)

"My hope is that learning of the post evils help us avoid them in the future." This quote was in the Foreward of the book. The quotes meaning is that everybody makes mistakes but everyone learns from them . The theme is the future holds something better .(Madison Roberts)

"The true poet knows life is laced with pain ,huma life is cushioned with tradegy." This quote was in "The Ghetto "'.The meaning of the quote was it takes a strong person to realize their flaws . The theme is that once your going through hard time keep on going.

"It's so simple, to be alive. You move , you breathe , you touch . You feel the air about you . You see everything and you stop being afraid ." The quote is from " The Uprising" . The meaning is Ellie survived but had not lived and she's ready to start over. The theme is you got live your life."



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