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World Power- EgyptSecular History- No EventsTime Period- 1240-1050 B.C.Narrative Book- Joshua and Judges, Supplemental Book Ruth

Conquests and Judges

30) RahabJoshua sends out two spies to reconnoiter the land of Jericho. They went into a prostitute named Rahab's house. Rahab is asked to turn the spies into the king of Jericho. She hides them and says she doesn't know where they went. Rahab becomes an ancestor of King David and Jesus. This shows that Jesus comes to save sinners and sinners are in his ancestry.

31) The Crossing of the JordanIt was time for the Israelites to cross the Jordan River. Using the Ark of the Covenant, God stops the flow of water accross the Jordan River to allow for the Israelites to safely cross into Jericho. They walked on dry land through the river. Joshua picks 12 men to pick a stone each and place it where they were going to sleep that night. This is a memorial of amazing miracle by God. When they reach Jericho, Joshua has all of the men circumcised to renew the covenant of Abraham.

32) Fall of JerichoThe Lord tells Joshua the battle plan. He tells him to have his men circle the wall of Jericho once a day for 6 straight days. On the seventh day, have them March around 7 times and have the priest blow a ram's horn. When they hear a horn, they are to scream and the walls will collapse. The only people that survive are Rahab and whoever lives with her. Saint Michael the Archangel is believed to be the leader of the forces of Heaven.

33) Battle of GibeonThe city of Gibeon makes an alliance with the Israelites to fight against the Amorites. To help the Israelites, God causes confusion in the enemies, sends hailstorms, and makes the Sun stand still in the sky so that the opposing army wouldn't have time to recoup at nightfall. This was the first day that the Lord obeyed the voice of a man.

34) Covenant Renewed at ShechemJoshua gathers the tribes at Shechem. He reminds them of salvation history and everything God has done for them. He calls all of them to monotheism. The people swear to the covenant.

35) Gideon and his 300God gives Gideon and his men the Water Test. He has them go to the water and drink the water. Whoever laps up the water like a dog should be the ones in the army. There are only 300 men that lap up the water. This is a very small amount of people but Gideon places his trust in God. With only 300 men, the Israelites defeat the Midianites and are freed of occupation.

36) SamsonSamson is born a Nazirite. The Phillistines knew of his strength and wanted him dead. They encounter him and take him back to Phillistines and tie him up. God gives him the strength to break through the ropes and with the jawbone of an ass he kills 1,000 of them. Samson is a flawed hero. He was committed to God through his Nazirite vows but he was controlled by lust by Delilah. Samson kills himself when he pushed two columns down on top of the Philistines in the temple and killed all the Phillistines in the temple with him.



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