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The setting takes place in a little town(does not say) where Payton is in high school,possibly a sophomore goes biking out on a hill with Sean Griswolds

"Sean Griswold's Head"Lindsey Leavitt

Genre: fictionBook Level: 4Points: 9 points


Protagonist: Payton Gritas

The conflict and resolution of this book... Also the description of the book too:Payton falls in love with a guy named Sean and so does her friend Jac. They fight in the counselors office because Jac gave Sean a Valentine's Day card and claimed it was from Payton to Sean...but Payton thought that Jac actually gave it to Sean because she also liked him too. So they drifted apart quit being friends but later they come back together. Sea later then tells Payton he liked her so Payton makes the 'bad' boy group help her pull the fire hydrant so she could meet Jac out by the tree at the back of the school. So they meet and become friends again. Sean and Payton come together as boyfriend and girlfriend because they like each other.

The theme in this book is:Love your familyMane friends no matter what happens

Point of view: 3rd person

Sean lifts my chin and looks me straight in the eye, "Answer: You. Payton. I like you. For awhile actually, but especially lately. Since, for whatever reason, I've gotten to know you better. Good question?"Sean told Payton.Page:.....167

"Well I'll just spill it" Dad sighs when I give no sign of responding other than finally closing my mouth to relieve my aching jaw. "The numbness in my left hand started last spring when your mom and I went to Cancun. I went away when we came home. So... I didn't anything" Dad picks at a string on his T-shirt. " I forgot about it. Tried to forget about it . But then, during the summer, my hand started tingling again. For weeks... And I kept it to myself, just like I've kept the fact that I've felt off... Tired for years. I finally told your mom and got tested and they found these sheath lesions- they're kind of like tumors- on my spine. The doctor sat us down and told us about MS"Payton's Dad said.Page:....6I wrote this because this is to part where she finds out her father has MS which is a disease.



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