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Egypt and Exodus

One Holy TribeWorld Power- EgyptTime Period- 1700-1280 B.C.Narrative Book- Exodus, Supplemental Book- LeviticusSecular History- 1st urban civilization in China (1600 B.C.), Greek Language 1st written (1450 B.C.), and Building projects- Seti I and Ramses II

15) Israel EnslavedRamses is scared at how quickly the Israelite nation is growing. He orders all male babies to be killed. He keeps the females so that they marry Egyptian men and the Egyptians get all the land. Ramses enslaves all of the Israelites.

16) The Burning BushMoses sees the burning bush on Mount Horeb. The bush was on fire but it wasn't being consumed. God tells Moses to remove his sandals because he's walking on holy ground. God gives Moses a mission. He tells Moses to tell Pharaoh to release the Israelites, lead the Israelites to Canaan. God reveals his name to Moses as YHWH. YHWH means I am Who I am.

17 The Ten PlaguesGod has to send the ten plagues because Ramses is obstinate in refusing to let the people go. Biblical scholars describe the ten plagues as 9+1. There are two plagues with warnings, then one without. The tenth plague is one of the clearest foreshadowings of Christ in the Old Testament.

18) The PassoverThe Passover feast is celebrated every year by Jewish families as a memorial of the Exodus deliverance. A typical Passover meal includes lamb, unleavened bread and bitter herbs. The lamb offered in sacrifice prefigured Christ as the lamb slain for our redemption. The lamb eaten prefigured Christ as the Eucharist. The night of the tenth plague, the Hebrews placed the blood of the lamb on the doorposts of their house, so that the Angel of Death will “pass over” their house. The next morning Pharaoh let's all the Israelites go. They take all of Egypt's valuables when they leave.

19) Parting of the Red SeaThe Parting of the Red Sea was the greatest miracle ever performed. Moses takes Joseph's bones with him. God leads the way for the Israelites. During the day, he leads them by means of a column of cloud. During the night, he leads them by means of a column of fire for light. Pharaoh realizes that he still wants the Israelites to be his slaves so he goes to get them back. Moses leads them to the Red Sea. The Israelites can't think of a logical way how they're going to cross so they panic and start blaming Moses for dooming them. The Israelites don't put their trust in God while Moses does. Moses is told to stretch his hand over the Red Sea and part it and with the help of God he does. The Israelites cross and when they're on the other side Moses parts the sea back together.

20) MannaAfter the Israelites cross the Red Sea, they're hungry. They start complaining to Moses. God tells Moses that he's going to rain down bread. God tells Moses that on the 6th day the Israelites should collect twice as much manna as usual. Some people followed God's rules for the manna. The people that took more than they were supposed to had to deal with their manna rotting. The manna is a type for the Eucharist

21) The Ten CommandmentsBefore God gives us the Ten Commandments, he reminds us of his love and fidelity that he has already shown the people. God gives us the Ten Commandments because he loves us and he wants us to be free. The Decalogue is an expression of universal law that is binding upon all people at all times, regardless of age, sex, status or circumstance. The Ten Commandments were written on 2 stone tablets.

22) Golden CalfWhile Moses is up in the mountain, Aaron and the people build a golden calf to worship. When Moses sees this he is filled with anger. He throws the tablets with the Ten Commandments and they break. He burnt the calf, scattered the ashes in the water and made the Israelites drink it. The Israelites commit idolatry.

23) Levitical PriesthoodThe Levitval Priesthood starts when Moses sees that Aaron lost control. He tells the Levites to kill their brothers and the remaining will become priests. They kill around 3,000 men and the living Levites are installed as priests.

24) Tabernacle and Ark of the Covenant ConstructedGod ordered for the Tabernacle and the Ark of the Covenant to be made. God dwells wether ever the Ark is. Inside the Ark is Aaron's rod, the Ten Commandments and the manna. The Israelites carry the Ark whenever they travel.



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