unrestricted submarine warfare

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unrestricted submarine warfare

Unrestricted Submarine Warfare

Unrestricted submarine warfare was first announced in WW 1 by Germany on January 9th, 1917

Unrestricted submarine warfare had a major impact on WW 1

This warfare was one of the main reasons why the United States joined the war in 1917

This is a German U-boat from WW1

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Inside of a German U-2 boat in WW1

The German Chancellor, Bethamann Hollweg was concerned that by using subamrines, it woul provoke or anger the U.S. into the war

Watch this viideo on German U boats in WW1

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By 1917 the war was not going as well or as planned for Germany as they wanted

The German U- Boats really gave the Germans a boost in the war

Submarine warfare really impacted the war and were very successful in destroying and attacking enemmies

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