Unnecessary school subjects "students"

by aroulston
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Unnecessary school subjects "students"

Shoebox Diarama

Negativelong division-we have calculators -when do you use it in a job? (other than a math teacher)-tedious -overloads your brain-it is better to know the process than having a machine do it for you

Positiveshoebox diarama -fun and educational-teaches habitats-learn scale drawings-most kids would have fun rather than think they were learning-on the other hand it is a lot for a little

Why do we need to learn this?

What students think are unnecessary topics in school?

Long Division



  • zhenson 5 years ago

    zhenson's avatar

    I like this because of all the points/facts you put; but there could be more subjects on the blog.

  • igresa 5 years ago

    igresa's avatar

    I agree with you guys. A lot of the things in math I probably won't use.

  • mkbyrd 5 years ago

    mkbyrd's avatar

    You did a good job. You covered both sides of the story and had great points. The colors you chose are adorable!

  • aroulston 5 years ago

    aroulston's avatar

    Zach we will do more topics every week. Thanks Maddie for the complement, it was Mrs. Hutsey's idea for having both sides of the argument. Same Isabel Avery had the idea for math! :)