University of Illinois at Chicago

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University of Illinois at Chicago

University of Illinois at Chicago

The University of Illinois at Chicago also know as UIC is known for more than 200 student organizations, clubs, sports and so on. UIC also has a Gender and Sexuality center, their open to LGBT members. The university is very diverse. One program caught my eye which was the "Hispanic center of excellence" and it helps hispanics like myself. I'm considered a minority they will help me pursue my job career in medicine with this program.

Status: Public Research University Location: Chicago, IlinoisBudget: 2.00 billionTeam name: FlamesSchool colors: Red and blueSchool Mascot: Sparky D. DragonDegree programs:* Bachelors 82* Masters 92* Doctoral 67

UIC is well known for diversity."UIC has a higher percentage of Latino and African American students than any Big 10 university. We rank 26th in MA degrees awarded to Latinos and African Americans." states from the UIC site. The University is open to any group, culture and so on. That's what's so amazing about the school. YOU are accepted no matter what.As I said before UICis also known for all their school organizations, there are sports like*Gymnastics*Cheerleading*Basketball*Volleyball*Swimmingand so on. Which is great besides all homework/studying you can do an extra curricular when you have time.

This is my top University :)


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There is a medical school along with UIC. It has the carrer I want to get into which are... Phychology, Surgery, Emergency Medicine. I would really love to major in any of those. All of these are available at UIC. They all interest me very much, especially that the medical school is linked to UIC's regular University although you still need to apply for the school.

Fatima Manon, 116, + Computer class Mr.Austermann

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