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University of Alberta

University of Alberta

201 Administration Building Edmonton, CA t66 2m7

History of the University


MajorsAt the University of Alberta, there are about 23 choices of majors. I would probably choose Education, Mathematics and Statistics, and Visual Performing Arts. It is possible for me to get a Masters, Bachelor, or Doctoral degree.

Other FactsA large, 4-year, public university. This coed college is located in a very large city in an urban setting and is primarily a commuter campus. It offers bachelor's, master's and doctoral degrees.Quick FactsMay 1Regular application deadline31,904 total undergrads31,904 degree-seeking freshmenType of SchoolAccreditation: Regionally AccreditedCollege Board MemberOther characteristicsFrench-speaking element within university.

AdmissionsImportant- Your Academic GPA, and your rigor of secondary school.It is also based on completion of 5 subjects. (includes english) Minimum grade of 50%. Offers credit for AP classes.





The school celebrates their 100th b-day.

Fine Arts department is built

Medical building is complete

School is finished being built

School starts getting built

Estimated Personal Expenses

Books and Supplies

Transportation Expenses

Room Only

Tuition and Fees (ex: science)

Estimated Total

$ 5,800

$ 1,600

$ 1,600

$ 2,200

$ 1,000

$ 233

Off Campus

On Campus

$ 233

$ 15,490.5

$ 10,890.5


Campus Life Offers thirty-eight sports, and twenty- two activities. 12% of students are in college housing, and there is eight housing choices. Their teams are the Golden Bears, the Pandas, and the Vikings.


$ 6,857.5

$ 6,857.5


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