Universal Healthcare for America

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Universal Healthcare for America

I will reach out to Physicians for A National Health Program (PNHP) and will work very closely with them to gain their support for my plan.Because PNHP represents over 19,000 physicians nationwide and has been working on a single point agenda of universal health for Americans since its inception in 1987, I see the organization as my natural ally (PNHP, 2015). Moreover, I already concur with PNHP the issue that US needs a single public payer system for health while the delivery of care should remain private.

Legislation Proposal


1.Universal Health for America (UHA), a public funded single payer healthcare program2.Mandatory for all individuals3.All US citizens & permanent residents will automatically be enrolled4.Illegal immigrants may enroll by paying a premium5.All basic & essential treatment s will be covered6.Cosmetic & non-essential procedures will not be covered7.Coverage and services may get adjusted based on patients’ compliance and life style choices


Universal Health for America (UHA)******Healthcare******For**********ALL**********

•US only developed country without a universal healthcare system•Spends more per capita on health but trails other countries in terms of outcomes•Healthcare is essential basic human right•Is the right thing to do

Medicare & Medicaid programs will be merged into UHA. All Medicare & Medicaid enrollees will automatically be enrolled in UHA program. UHA benefits for patients who are already enrolled in Medicare cannot be less than their current benefits.


UHA will primarily be funded by personal & corporate taxIncome (tier) based tax will be introducedCompanies with more than 25 employees must contribute to the programPenalties for healthcare fraud and waste will be increased by 10 folds and all fines will go to UHAA special Health Access tax will be levied on cigarettes & alcohol salesSince Medicaid will be merged into UHA, states will pay a percentage of their annual budget to UHA


U.S is the only developed country who does not have universal health (UH) coverage for its citizens (Schimmel, 2013). This, in itself, is a national failure of ours. I support UH on both moral and economic grounds. Without proper access to basic healthcare, I do not believe anybody can live his or her life to the fullest, can pursuit happiness or be a productive member of this great nation. So, if we truly believe that one of the primary goals of American government is to promote a society where people can live their lives freely and pursuing happiness then we must admit that this goal cannot be achieved until every child, adult and elderly person has the ability to seek medical care that he needs and when he needs it. I support UH on economic grounds as well because we all know that America is spending more per capita dollars on healthcare than any other developed nation but we fail to achieve same level of healthcare outcomes that other nations are able to. This clearly shows that reason of our failure does not lie with how much we are spending but in how we are spending. So, I believe that a carefully crafted UH is a need of the time. We can continue to have private insurances, in addition to UH, so that those who want to take advantage of private insurance may do so but these folks will still have to pay UH tax even if they choose not to use the system. Healthcare services can continue to be delivered by private sector, as they are right now, but providers and organizations must be willing to negotiate prices and play it by the rules.

I believe!

UK System

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