United States vs. Amistad

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United States vs. Amistad

In the summer of 1849 a group of spanish men on a ship called the Amistad sailed to Africa. When they arrived they kidnapped a big group of Africans to sell them on a illegal underground slave trade.

Overall Impact

The overall impact of this case was mainly on how wrong illegal slave trade was; and how badly it can turn out. After this case there was alot less slave trade. It also then forced the two seperate races to respect each other.

After the africans had been kidnapped and they were on the Amistad sailing. They broke out and killed the captin and cook and thretend the two survivers to turn the ship back Africa. But at night the survivers turned the boat and they arrived in Long Island, New York about a month later. When they arrived the Issue was over if the Africans should be chardged for murder or not, because they did act in self defense and they were the kidnapped.


Well the decision was so difficult becasue of the crimes commited by both sides of the case. But after a long trial the court decided to favor the africans and return them to their homland of Africa because they were the ones who were acted upon by first from the spanish slave hunters.



United States vs. The Amistad


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