United States Unit Review

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United States Unit Review

-United States-Unit Reivew

Major Features: Great Lakes, Great Plains, Mississippi, Misouri and Ohio Rivers

Major Features: Pacific Ocean, Rocky Mountains and Mojave Desert


Historical Events to Remember:1. Jamestown Settlement2. American Revolution3. Industrial Revolution4. Civil War5. Segregation6. Exploration & Lewis and Clark7. Westward Expansion8. Oregon Trail9. Transcontinental Railroad10. Gold Rush - California and Alaska11. Pearl Harbor and Entrance into WW II

Don't forget to study the state locations and capitals!Helpful resources: http://www.50states.com/http://www.sheppardsoftware.com/web_games.htm

Major Features: Appalachian Mountains, Great Lakes and Atlantic Ocean

Northeast Region

Major Features: Appalachian Mountains, Atlantic Ocean, Gulf of Mexico and Mississippi River

Northwest Region

Midwest Region

Southeast Region

Major Features: Pacific Ocean and Rocky Mountains


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