United States of America

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United States of America

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Fast FactsBordering Countries: Canada and Mexico Primary Language: English Capital: Washington D.CPopulation: 313.9 million peopleContinent: North AmericaNational Bird: The American Bald EagleLeader: President Barack Obama

United States of America

Americans celebrate the founding of their nation on a day called Thanksgiving. This is celebrated on a Thursday in the end of November. It is common for Americans to cook a large meal on this day featuring turkey, mashed potatoes stuffing, and apple pie.

Denver, Colorado

This is the local map!

The Grand Canyon and Denver, Colorado are both tourist attractions in the United States. The Grand Canyon is located in Arizona, which is a very hot and dry state with many deserts. Colorado, on the other hand, is a state with many mountains. It is a common place to vacation for a ski trip.

The people of the United States celebrate their country's full independence from Britain on July 4. This is a day when many people have cookouts, shoot of fireworks, and watch parades.

The United States (USA) is located in North America below Canada and above Mexico. The country is composed of 50 states and 48 of these are connected. Alaska is the state in red located in the left corner of the map. Hawaii is the small group of islands located off of the west coast of the country. The country is bordered by the Pacific Ocean on the East, and the Atlantic Ocean on the West. The Gulf of Mexico borders many southern states, including Florida.

This is the Grand Canyon in Arizona.

These are some of the monuments in Washington D.C.

This is the American Flag. It has 50 stars to represent the 50 states.


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