United States of America

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Social Studies

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United States of America

The lake represents the vacuole because they store lots of water.

United States of America

We chose the United States, because we felt like it could would be a good challenge to compare the U.S to an organelle. The United States was a challenge because there were lots of things to try and compare to, and with so many options, it was hard to pick just one.

The border control is the cell wall, because it controls what goes in and out of the country.

The military represents the cell membrane because it protects the inside of the country.

The farm represents the chloroplasts because it uses sunlight to make nutrients.

The nuclear Power Plant makes energy like the mitochondria.

The roads give location, and keep everything in place, like cytoplasm.

The White House represents the nucleus because it is the control center.

People represent chromatin because they have DNA.

A resturant represents the lysosomes because its the place where people digest food.

Mailboxes are like the Rough ER, they package the mail and send it out to other places.

The Smooth ER is like a landfill because it gets rid of waste.

The Golgi Body represents a mail truck because it is a distributer.


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