United States Government

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United States Government

United States Government

There are three branches of the government. There is the legislative branch, the executive branch, and the judicial branch.

The legislative branch legislates, or makes laws. It includes the Senate and the House of Representatives. The United States Congress is the legislative branch of government.

The executive branch carries out the nation's laws. This branch includes many departments that help run the government. It is lead by the President.

The judicial branch decides when laws have been broken and settles disagreements about laws. In the judicial branch, the United States Supreme Court is the highest court.

The Three Branches of Government

The California State Capitol is home to both the legilative branch and the executive branch. The capitol is also a place where important state, national and world leaders meet to discuss ways to solve problems.

Each November, elections are held throughout California. In these elections, citizens get the chance to vote for candidates that they believe will do the best job running the government.

You must be 18 years old or a high school senior to be a poll worker.

Poll Workers

Our California state government works hard with the people in our county and local governments to make life better for everyone who lives in our state.

The state of California is divided into 58 counties. These counties often include several different cities, towns or communities.

The Constitution sets out the structure and rules of our wonderfulGOVERNMENT!!!

You may not realize it, but school districts also provide a type of government for California students.

The United States is a democracy. Our country is also a republic in which representatives elected by the people make the laws.

Along with their rights, American citizens have responsibilities. All citizens should obey the law. Adult citizens have much bigger responsibilities such as paying taxes and serving juries.

Many citizens join the armed forces to help protect our glorious nation. Others take part in local government to make their city or town a better place to live in.

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