United States Enter WWII

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World War II

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United States Enter WWII

How and When U.S entered WWII:

United States enter WWII

On December 7,1941 Japan launched an attack on the United States early that morning. 180 warplanes came from six aircraft carriers were dropping bombs on Pearl Harbor, which was located in Hawaii. After fighting for two hours the last Japanese plane left around 9:30 a.m. The results horrible; 2,403 Americans were killed, 1,178 or more were wounded. 21 ships, including 8 battleships, were either damaged or sunk. Also about 300 aircraft was damaged or destroyed. Americans were outraged and the day after Roosevlet asked Congress to delcare war on Japan which Congress did almost immedately.

Before Pearl Harbor which was the final straw for the United States, the U.S was in an undeclared war with Germany. On September 4,1941 A German submarine fired U.S destroyer Greer. FDR gave the navy orders to shoot German U-boats on sight. 2 weeks later Pink Star , a U.S merchant ship that was taking supplies to England, was sunk off the shore of Greenland by a German U-boat. In mid-october, a German U-boat torpedoed the U.S destroyer Kearny , and 11 American lives were lost. Days later a German U-boat sank U.S Destroyer Reuben James , killing over 100 American sailors.

After the United States declared war on Japan, Japan declared war on the United States. Three days later, both Italy and Germany declared war on the United States

The United States Motives and Gains by Entering WWII:

One the United States wanted to gain by entering the war was to get revenge on Japan for the attack of Pearl Harbor. When attacking, Americans would scream "Remember Pearl Harbor!"

Another thing that motivated the United States to enter WWII was to help out France and Britian because of the countless times they have helped the United States . The United States wanted to stop Italy and Germany from their march to overtake all of Europe

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