United States Currency

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United States Currency

United States Currency

The Many "Faces"

How Money Is Made!



Lincoln Memorial

Abraham Lincoln

George Washington

Great Seal of the United States

Alexander Hamilton

U.S. Treasury Building

Andrew Jackson

White House

Benjamin Franklin

Ulysses S. Grant

U.S. Capitol

Independence Hall






Legal Statement

Serial Number

Each bill has two serial numbers. Within each series and denomination, each serial number is unique.

This is an important government promise that is on every bill made. It commits that the bill has worth to repay any debts and serves as a standard of measure.

Each bill is signed by United States Secretary of the Treasury and Treasurer. The signatures are different becauses these positions change over time.

The Dollar bills, also referred to as Federal Reserve notes, and are issued by Federal Reserve Banks all over the country. First, they are printed by the Bureau of Engraving and Printing within the Department of Treasury. Each bill denomination has similiar attributes, but also different "faces" on each of their sides.

(1st Secretary of Treasury for United States)

(Union Army Commander and General during Civil War)

(7th President of the United States)

(18th President of United States)

(1st President of United States)

(16th President of United States)

(A Founding Father who drafted the Constitution and Declaration of Independence)

(16th President of United States)


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