United States Citizenship

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United States Citizenship

Citizenship: Being member of a country and reciving responsiblities and full rights

United States Citizenship

-18 years old-Speak English-Take a civics test-Take an Oath of Allegiance

Ways to become a naturalization citizen

Treason: Act of betraying your own country

Patriotism is someone who feels a deep feeling and bond about their country

Bill of rights is what made the America we are today. Some of the rights that the people of United States have is freedom of speech, freedom of worship, freedom expression. U.S citizens have a right to vote in federal elections. Even to run for president.

A way to have automatic citizenship is to be born on U.S territory. Even if you were born outside the U.S but your parents are U.S. citizens that makes you automatic American citizen.

Responsibilities that U.S. citizens have is obeying laws. Another responsiblity Citizens must do is serving on juries when asked. An additional responsiblity is that Male citizens must register a selective service system.

3 Rights that only apply to U.S. citizens is running for president, voting and right to serve on a jury.

Something that everyone in the United States have (even if their not a citizen) is the first ten amendments which is the bill of rights.

People who say the pledge of allegiance show their trueness and loyalty to America.


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