United States Citizenship

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United States Citizenship

Naturalization is the process most immigrants or foreigners take in order to be a citizen of the United States of America. This process often takes years and many requirments set by the Congress in order to be a civilized citizen

United States Citizenship


Allegiance to ones country is very important. Having allegiance with your country is the same as being proud of the coutry you are on.

When someone is born in the United States they become citizens automatically, not having to either wait for years to become a citizen and they don't even need their parents to be from the United States, they will still be called an American citizen since the day they were born

Born In the U.S. ?

Being a citizen is awesome, for the lack of words, but also a big responsibility. U.S. citizens have three important laws and responsibilities they must follow.1) Serve in the Selective Service System2) Serve on jury when called upon3) be loyal to your country

Already A Citizen?..

Rights for Citizens

As a citizen you also have rights as being a citizen, these are thee examples of the rights you have as a US citizen 1) you have the freedom of expression 2) you can assemble peacefuly- (examples are going to church)3) you also have the right to rin for federal political office

Are you a spy or not?..

One definiton of treason includes the betrayal ones country, another definition is to murder someone that had a good allegiance with their country. No matter where you search the definition of treason, it is something horrible and leaving you with a bad consequence.One serious and tremendous consequence is the Death Penalty.


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