United States Automatic Citizenship

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United States Automatic Citizenship

United States Automatic Citizenship

Naturalized Citizen

Rights that are afforded to all citizens

3 rights that are only for US citizens

Responsibilities everyone in the US must uphold

Citizens Responsibilities obeying laws- voting on elections- serving on jurey when asked- obey the natinons laws and criminal laws

Rights that are afforded to all citizens -the right to vote-to serve in a jurey-register with the Selective Service System

3 rights for the U.S Citizens-these include the right to vote-the right to run for federal political office-the right to sere on a jurey

3 responsibilities for US citizens

3 responsibilities for U.S citizens -Selective service system is when all male citizens between ages 18 and 26 must register in case of a national emergency-citizens are responsible for obeying laws -voting on election days

Naturalization -applicants must be at least 18years old and have been permenant residenrs of the U.S for 5 years-people who have served in the U.S army for one year can be a citizen sooner because they demonstrated their commite to the U.S-applicants must have good character, speak english, and pass the civics test and an interview

Automatic Citizenship -people who were born in the United States-parents who are both citizens

Allegiance-"loyalty or commitment of a subordinate to a superior or of an individual to a group or cause"

Patriotism-when you love your country and sacrificing for it

Treason-when you betray your country

The Bill of Rights-the first ten amendments to the US Constitution


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