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United Nations

On 9 July 2011 South Sudan became the newest country in the world. The Republic of South Sudan is a result of six years of peacekeeping and peacemaking. Security Council determined that the situation faced by South Sudan continued to constitute a threat to international peace and security, troops helped fight to help establish conditions for development. Following the crisis which broke out in South Sudan in December 2013, the Security Council, reinforced UNMISS and reprioritized its mandate towards the protection of civilians, human rights monitoring, and support for the delivery of humanitarian assistance.

Peacekeeping is the keeping of an agreement between nations or communities, by guidance military force. Peacekeeping began in 1948 with the deployment of military observers to the Middle EastPeacemaking is people who try to create peace by reconciling parties who disagree. it was started in 2006 and is the product of a learning project to keep up with the demands and changes.

United Nations

The United Nations was created on October 24, 1945 for the hope of securing peace across the globe.

Rights of the Child

BOSNIA: Being impartial while peacekeeping is impossible because it makes the military weak to advances by combatants. The UN has tried to fulfill the role of peacekeeper when what they need is a role of peace enforcer. What troops are doing instead of stopping territorial gains they are prolonging the war and continuing the suffering of millions.

Though the UN would rather remain impartial at times they should take action and defend against the enemy in order to protect the lives of millions of innocents. They should also teach the country leaders how to govern their people and help take out corrupt governments without replacing them with even worse ones. Their first priority should be the innocents and being able to maintain peace unless it isn’t possible. They should be allowed to take arms if necessary.

General Assembly - Subsidiary Bodies, Fund and Programmes, Related OrganizationsSecurity Council - Subsidiary Bodies, Advisory Subsidiary BodiesEconomic and Social Council - Functional Commissions, Regional Commissions, Specialized AgenciesSecretariat - Departments and OfficesInternational Court of JusticeTrusteeship Council


Universal Declaration of Human rights


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