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United Kingdom

The first words in English, were written in Anglo-Saxon dialect known as Old English, appeared at the beginning of the Middle Ages. At that time the oral tradition was very important and a large part of the literary works were written to be represented. Epic poems became very popular and some, like Beowulf, have survived to this day. The most important author of literature was William Shakespeare. Whose secret was the conexion with audience. .

Some of the most popular monuments that we can visit here are: British Parliament: It is the most emblematic monument of the whole United Kingdom and the symbol of English democracy that they are so proud of. Big ben: Was built in 1858. It is one of the most characteristic buildings in London because it has 4 clocks on each side of the tower. Stonehenge: They are the famous megalithic stones that were erected more than 5,000 years ago. It came from the Celtic culture.

GASTRONOMYSome typical foods of the United Kingdom are: Fish & Chips: Traditional of the Port of Whitby in Yorkshire. English Breakfast: Type of English breakfast consisting of two eggs on the grill with bacon, sausages, tomato, etc. Lenguado de Dover: It is one of the typical foods of the United Kingdom that is served in filleted. Lamb cake:: Minced meat pie of roasted lamb with a layer of mashed potatoes. Roast Beef: this meal is specially chosen for Sunday lunch. Cornwall crab: one of the most exquisite dishes in the country. Cumberland sausage: wrapped sausages with Cumberland mashed potatoes. Strawberries and Ice Cream: they are preferred for outdoor meetings.

HISTORICAL CONTEXTEnglish’s languages comes from a Germanic language. The beginning of this language arrived to Britain in the 5th century from the Anglo-Saxon tribes. Although, people who already lived there before spoke Celtic languages, this Germanic language that would become the basis of English that is known today. This language stay in many of these tribes.


CUSTOMS In the United Kingdom, there are different ways to expressing with other people with respect to other countries. The most important is to be punctual, because being late is a sign of very bad education. Drinking tea is one routine British which are doing by the most of population. In English’s house is obligatory to wear barefoot. Some of the most famous parties here are Christmas, Easter and Carnaval




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