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Social Studies

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United Kingdom

Inside Parliament

United Kingdom

Political PartiesLabour Party- Currently 232 members, leader Ed MilibandConservative Party- Currently 330 members, leader David CameronScottish National Party- Currently 55 members, leader Nicola Sturgeon


Voting System


Map of the UK

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Previous Prime MinsiterMargaret Thatcher

Current Prime MInisterDavid Cameron


The House of Commons is determined using First-past-the-post. The UK is split into voting areas and voters put an X mark next to the preferred candidate. The candidate with the most votes wins the voting area and becomes the representative of that area.

Parliament is split into two houses: the House of Lords and the House of Commons. The House of Lords is hereditary while the House of Commons is elected by the people. The House of Lords regulates law making and keeps checks on the government's work. The House of Commons proposes new laws and represents the views of the people.


Devolution is the process of bringing government power to lower levels of government, usually with regions. In the UK, it gave a national parliament to Scotland and a national assembly to Northern Ireland and Wales. It allows these regions to have power as well as the main regions of the UK parliament.

In the UK, the government has an austerity programme that is intended to reduce government spending and lower the welfare rate. It has affected many public institutions. While many families are still trying to maintain their financial status, bankers continue to become more and more wealthy.


Queen Elizabeth II


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