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United Kingdom

~Climate~The climate in the United Kingdom is temperate and often damp, with cold, rainy winters and warm, sunny summers. The weather changes frequently and humidity levels, which are medium to high, can make temperatures seem warmer or colder than they really are.

~United Kingdom~

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~Economy~The U.K. has the second largest economy in Europe. The country is a global financial center as well as lead trading power, and its currency is called "pounds". Its major natural resources include oil, gas, iron ore, and salt. Major exports consist of crude oil, manufacturing goods, and consumer items. Inflation and unemployment are low.

~Recreation~Many of the world's most popular sports were developed here, such as soccer (although the Britons called it football), golf, rugby, and cricket. Modern lawn tennis was first played in England and modern boxing rules were developed. As for leisure, Britons are known for watching more television than anyone else. Around Christmas time, pantomimes (lively stage plays) are very entertaining to watch. Gardening and social drinking are also popular in the U.K.

~Communication~Telecommunication is advanced in the U.K, and almost all British homes have phones and televisions. On average, Britons spend over a quarter of internet time on social networking sites. Daily newspapers are available and are often delivered to homes.

~Physical Features~ The United Kingdom is one of the most famous and most outstanding countries in the world. It claims the land of England, Scotland, Wales, and northeastern Ireland, and is home to many major bodies of water, such as the North Sea, the Irish Sea, and the English Channel. Located in Scotland, the country's highest peak (Ben Nevis) reaches a height of 4,408 feet high.


~Transportation~Like most countries, it is popular to travel by road in the U.K. The British drive on the left side of the road, and a car's steering wheel is on the right side of the car. In the urban areas of the country, public transportation is well developed; buses and trains are commonly used.

By Anna Lynch


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