United Kingdom

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United Kingdom

United Kingdom

Music: -Baroque (George Frideric Handel)-Classical (Benjamin Britten)-Folk (Electric folk, Folk metal, & Folk punk)-One of the two countries involved with creating hard rock (The Beatles & The Rolling Stones)-Modern Day Music: Blues rock, Heavy metal music, Hard rock, Punk rock, Britpop and Dubstep.

Religion: -Christianity 71.6%-Muslim 2.7%-Hiduism 1%-Other 24.7%Sports: -Rugby-Cricket-Football-Snooker-Golf-Croquet

Arts:-Famous writers, such as William Shakespeare are from England-Famous authors J.K. Rowling & C.S. Lewis are frmo England-The Trouping of Colour, also known as Elizabeth the 11's birthday, is a holiday celebrated every June by having a parade and waiting for the arrival of the Queen-Home of the Shakespeare Theatre


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