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United Kingdom- Richie Abruscato

The UK society is a very broad group of people, while the state is more of a political institution or oprganization. State is a very organized group of people while society is a natural group of people. Citizens are a group of people who are legal members of the UK

UK has a parliamentary system & a Constitutional Monarchy

State, Society, & Citizens

Public Authority resides in the Queen (above) while political power resides in the prime minister (below)

The UK does not have a written constitution

Austerity:difficult economic conditions created by government measures to reduce a budget deficit, especially by reducing public expenditure.

Immigration is believed to be biggest issue in UK by citizens. 1/3 citizens believe it is the bigges problem. UK has a very loose regulation of who immagrates to the nation.

UK is dominated by the Labour Party, but also has the liberal democrats who still have a large amount of seats.

The United Kingdom


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