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Social Studies
Religious Studies

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-Believe in God and Jesus, however, they do not see Jesus as a savior, but instead a great and wise prophet-Do NOT believe in the Trinity-Believe that the ability to go to Heaven is decided on the way they live their life on earth.-They preach through service and community works-Believe God is one being, Jesus Christ is present, but was concieved by the Holy Spirit, NOT Mary-Holy Spirit is a supernatural being who concieved Jesus


-Started in 1567-First signs in Transylvania (present day Romania)-Founded by Charles Chauncey, was once a Catholic-Started b/c Chauncey did not like idea of the Trinity

-Very community based-"Holy Place" is considered their community-NO Holy festivals or days of worship-Still celebrate Jesus's birth and Resserection, however, they mainly involve the Holy Spirit -Believe that the key stage is to help and protect one another through loyalty and service, all people have equal share of the religion

The Beginning:

Popular In:

Poland, England,Wales, and the western part ofthe United States(California, Nevada, etc.)

-all about-Unitarianism



-about 800,000-Are called to share in the glory and joy of God, to be faithful to God and their community-Community Leaders organize events which include... >Creating community service projects >Helping to keep the well-being of the community >Community Festivals to strengthen the community's spirits

by Zach Godec

Community Based!

a Unitarian Community Center


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