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Unit 2-Friends

New Popcorn Words:1. like2. a


New Alphabet Letters

At home, practice:naming, writing and saying the sounds these letters make.

Click here to listen to and sing along with our phonics song: Phonercise!

Click here to play a color matching game!

Click here to match pictures with the same beginning sound!

Click here to learn about the letter Ss!

Click here to learn about the letter Pp!

Click here to go to SpellingCity.com to view our first five popcorn words list. This website offers fun games to help read and spell popcorn words!

1. What Do You Like?2. Friends All Around3. Simon and Molly Plus Hester

These are the stories we will read in this unit:

-asking questions during reading-comparing and contrasting-identifying character and setting-identifying letters and their sounds-writing sentences using popcorn words

Skills we will learn in this unit:


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