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Unit 1: Families

New Popcorn Words:1. we 2. the

New Alphabet Letters:


At home practice:-writing these letters (upper and lowercase)-identifying these letters-saying the sounds these letters make

-letter identifying-recognizing text structure-making predictions-categorizing letter sounds

Some of the skills we will be working on in this unit:

These are the books we will read during this unit:1. Whose Baby am I?2. The Picnic at Apple Park3. Peter's Chair

Click here to play a game by sorting animals by size!

Click here to play a game about families working together!

Click here to watch a slideshow about families!

Click here to play an alphabet memory game!

Click here to watch a movie about the alphabet!

Click here to learn about the vowel 'Aa'!

Click here to hear one of our alphabet songs: Alphardy!


  • mrsbrockhoff 8 years ago

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    What a great idea! I have many kindergarten based glogs as well... (mrsbrockhoff).