Unit 6 Project Examples

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Unit 6 Project Examples

Deber + infinitiveDeber + infinitive = to ought to dosomething, to should do somethingLos estudiantes deben comer las verduras. = Students ought to each vegetables.El camarero debe traer la cuenta. = The waiter ought to bring the check.Para ser saludable, no debemos comer la comida rapida. = To be healthy, we ought not eat fast food.The key to this phrase, is that you conjugate deber, but leave the second verb (since it's a consecutive verb) in the non-conjugated infinitive form.

1) Hay que comer la carne. = One should eat meat. 2) No hay que comer los dulces. = One should not eat sweets.3) Hay que ser saludable. = One should be healthy.

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Listen here:

Sr. Jordan Explains:

Hay + que + infinitive = one must do something


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