Union March By Mekel Rogers

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Union March By Mekel Rogers

College: Appalachian State UniversityCollege Instrument: French HornLives: Matthews, North CarolinaWorks: Weddington Middle SchoolPosition: Band DirectorMekel Rogers has been teaching music education as a middle school band director since 1995. He has been teaching at the same school since 1998. In 2009, he was the founding conductor of the Union Symphony Youth Orchestra. His works have been perfomed at concert band festivals, honor band clinics and chamber music events in the United States, London and Paris. He has received several Editors Choice Awards from J.W. Pepper Music Company for his compositions. He is still an active member of Quintessence Wind Quintet.

Union MarchBy: Mekel Rogers

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YouTube8th Grade Performance


Similar Composers& Pieces

Military Escort March by Larry Clark Orginally written by Harold Bennett Has a opening and final strain with a dog-fight section in middle. Former Middle School Band Director and Director at Syracuse University

Apollo March by John Kinyon Powerful opening with brass and percussion with the use of a cymbal. Dog-Fight section is between brass and drums. Worked with Limeston College in Gaffney, SC and was a Professor of Music Education at University of Miami.

• Written in 2011 as a march for beginning bands.• Has three different sections: 1. Opening Strain – A melody that forms a section of the piece instruments 2. Dog-Fight – Used to break-up the strain, it is an interaction between instruments 3. Final Strain - A closing section of the melody• March music dates back to the Ottoman Empire of the 1850.• It has a strong regular rhythm with percussion and brass as leads.• Originally used to keep soldiers in beat while marching even if tired.• Marches have even been used in the circus.


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