[2015] David Wang: Union Generals of the American Civil War

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[2015] David Wang: Union Generals of the American Civil War


ULYSSES S. GRANTUlysses S. Grant was the Union commander for 13 months until Confederate general Robert E. Lee's surrender. Similar to many generals, Grant was a Westpoint University graduate and served in the Mexican-American War. After the Mexican-American war, he retired from the US army and tried out in farming and buisness, but failed. Grant took part in some of the first Union victories, commanded the Siege of Vicksburg, Mississippi, and later was elected as our 18th president.

WILLIAM T. SHERMANWilliam Tecumseh Sherman was a major general for the Union. He always succeded General Grant with his previous rank. William is best known for literally destroying Georgia from Atlanta to Savanah known as Sherman's March to the Sea. When Grant became president, Sherman commanded the millitary and resigned in the 1880s.

GEORGE MEADEDespite being American, George Meade was born in Spain. He was probably most famous for being ranked in charge of the Union army only days before Gettysburg. Meade was also an army engineer and commanded one of three Pennsylvaina brigades, the Potomac army, and at the time of death, the Atlantic Military Division.

JOSHUA CHAMBERLAINJoshua Chamberlain was most famous for his role in defending Little Round Top with the 20th Maine at Gettysburg. His rank was a colonel at Gettysburg and after the Quaker Road Skirmishes, he was a major general. He also was awarded the medal of honor and govenor of Maine.

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