[2015] Natalie Miller: union generals

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[2015] Natalie Miller: union generals

Union GeneralsBy: Natalie Miller

Ulysses Simson Grant* 18th President* Resighned from the army in 1854* Won so many battles people thought the U.S. in his name stood for Unconditional Surrender* His Famouse Words are " Let us have pieace "* Died from throat cancer in 1885

William Sherman* He wittnessed the early days of the gold rush* Was a California Pioneer* Famouse words where " I'm tired and sick of war, its glory is all moonshine. * Died in 1891

George Meade* One of the few Union generals who began his life and career in a foreign country* On August 31, 1861, Meade was promoted from captain to brigadier general of volunteers, and was given command of a Pennsylvania brigade* He died in 1872

General Burnside* Ambrose Everett Burnside began his military career of varied success after graduating 18th in a class of 47 from the United States Military Academy in 1847* In September of 1861, Burnside was given command of three brigades known as the North Carolina Expeditionary Force


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